How to Find Out Exactly Which Priceline Express Deal Hotel You’ll Actually Get Before You Pay

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For Spring Break last year my friend and I went to Cancun, Mexico. She suggested that we use Priceline Express Deals to book our hotel because she knew we could save up to 60 percent that way, the only catch was that we wouldn’t know the hotel until AFTER we paid. I was so skeptical about it because I kept thinking what if they put us in some dump hotel. I know I’m not the only one who felt this way. Fortunately, we ended up in a super nice 5 star hotel on the beach with ocean view rooms all for less than $100 a night. The picture below is view from our balcony!


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priceline express deals| how to save on hotels| travel on a budget| cheap hotels| travel for freeWhat is Priceline Express Deals?

I mentioned this a few months ago when I was on the Heather Lindsey show talking about how to travel on a budget, a great way to find cheap hotels and save on accomodations when traveling is to use priceline express deals. What’s priceline express deals and how does it work? Priceline Express Deals is like a huge group of hotels that are around 60 percent cheaper than the hotels actual site or any other site. You get to see the area the hotel is in, star rating, amenities, and the awesome price before you book the hotel, but you don’t find out the hotel until you book. But, after doing this a few times I discovered a way to find out what hotel you’ll ACTUALLY get with priceline express deals BEFORE you book.

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Give it a try as I walk you through the steps? Click here to be taken directly to the Priceline Express Deals homepage.

How to find Out the Name of Your Priceline Express Deals Hotel Before You Book

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Priceline is a really great way to save money. When my friend told me about Priceline Express Deals I had never heard of it and honestly was skeptical about it. The thought of not knowing exactly which hotel we were getting kinda freaked me out. For some destinations this might not be a big deal, but in other cities/countries the differences in hotels can be drastic.

First things first, since we are talking about easy ways to save money on travel you DEFINITELY want to use through EBATES. If you’re unfamiliar with EBATES it is a site that provides cash back for things you buy online anyway, aka free money. (As you can see below they are currently offering up to 14 percent cash back for Priceline purchases) So not only are you gonna save up to 60 percent on your hotel but you are also going to get up to 14 percent cash back in your pocket! Before I book any trips online or purchase anything online I always go to first to see how much cash back I can get from my purchase. So far I’ve ALREADY got almost $2000 in cash back from Ebates. They are currently giving away $10 in cash just for signing up!

Sign up for Ebates HERE today for a $10 welcome bonus!

Ebates| save on travel| cashback| budget travel| priceline express deals

How To Use Priceline Express Deals

1.Select location and dates you’ll be traveling. 

save money with priceline express deals. what is priceline express deals. cheap hotels. how to travel cheap

I’m searching Rome, Italy because it’s the next place I’ll be traveling to. Once the results are displayed make sure the box for express deals is checked (it is on the left hand sidebar). You’ll know if the express deals are showing because it’ll look like the picture below.

express deals hotel. priceline. how to use priceline express deals

2. Filter your results & Choose your Express Deal

As you can see in the image above, Priceline Express Deals lets you choose the sea rating, neighborhood, price range, amenities etc. I always select 3 stars to 5 stars for the star rating. In some areas 5 star hotels are just as cheap as 3 and 4 star hotels, so its worth selecting. But make sure you choose what you’re comfortable with. After you specify what you’re looking for be sure to click update results.

Important tip: As I mentioned a little earlier, Priceline will show you the map area of the hotel & list which hotels it’s comparable to. It will also display a number which is either a 7+, 8+, or a 9+. These numbers are the review scores left by previous guests. Only hotels with positive reviews over a 7+ will be displayed. So if you see a hotel with out a 7+, 8+, or 9+ don’t choose those because those are the ones with poor reviews and not recommended.

I selected a 3 star hotel near Vatican City and it is similar to Hyatt, Four Points by Sheraton, DoubleTree, Indigo and Holiday Inn.  & it is given an exceptional 9+ star rating. It also has an airport shuttle, fitness center, and restaurant listed under the amenities. I also am paying attention to the fact that it is 20 percent off because thats going to be important in the next step.

priceline express deals

3. Find out which Priceline Express Deal hotel you’ll get

Okay now its time for the fun part. So, to do this you will go back to Priceline Hotels in a new tab. Then you will search and filter all your specifics that you saw on the hotel you picked. So for me I’m going to put in 3 star hotel, near Vatican City, 9+ rating, restaurant, fitness center, and airport shuttle (all of this info was given to me under hotel amenities when I selected my hotel in step 2). Below are my search results.

find out which priceline express deal you'll get

So, for the hotel I selected previously it only brought back 2 options. Yay! This makes it super easy for us. Technically, theres only one option because the other is the express deal we selected. So lets double check to see if it’s right.

Okay, so our Priceline Express Deal Hotel was 20 percent off right? Let’s do some quick math to find out if the hotel shown above is right. Or if you hate math you can simply google how much is 20 percent of 106. & google will tell you that it is $21.20. So

106- 21.20= $84.80

So, our math shows us it that it is surely Best Western Hotel Spring House. So now all thats left to do is click on the hotel and make sure I like it then book it!

So are you more likely to use Priceline Express Deals now that you know how to find out exactly which priceline express deal hotel you’ll get? It’s a really great way to save on travel. Looking for other ways to save money on travel? Check out these money saving travel tips and find out more ways to save money when traveling!

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32 thoughts on “How to Find Out Exactly Which Priceline Express Deal Hotel You’ll Actually Get Before You Pay

  1. This is such a great work-around! I’m looking to go to Costa Rica next so I’ll have to try this when I’m finally ready to book. Also, I’m in love with your Instagram and it inspires me while I sit in my cubicle in Illinois haha, keep up the beautiful work!


  2. This is so cool! First of all, I had no idea Priceline Express Deals was a thing! You are such a detective, haha!

    So I just tried that because Mike & I are toying around with the idea with staying in Canggu, Bali for a few days. Maybe we can treat ourselves to a beach trip at the end of our month over there! haha.

    Great tutorial! I’ll keep referring back in case I do book through Priceline!


  3. That is one of the things I have always hated about Priceline and part of why I stopped using it. I never knew exactly what I was going to get and it felt like Russian roulette. Thanks for explaining this so well.


  4. Thank you! I use Priceline express deals all the time, and those few seconds waiting to see what hotel I’ll be assigned, is agonizing! Well, no more. Thanks for the great hint!

    Pura vida, Penny


  5. I’ve always been nervous to try Priceline express deals. Never sure what I’m going to get. Glad you outlined the steps on figuring it out. Also thanks for the Ebates mention, I definitely need to sign up for that.


    1. No problem! I love Ebates, I always check them out before I buy anything online. They usually have double cash back, too so not only do they give me great coupons but they also give me cash back on things I already have to buy! It’s a win win!


  6. This was fantastic and trick works! Just booked a 4 star highly rated hotel in DC for 4 nights for 85$ a night! Will use again! You’re a lifesaver!


  7. heej, thanks for this great tip….i will try this for sure but i am you or anybody else realy found out that it works?? Im looking for priceline for my nex trip to new york but im freaking out over all the bad reviews and bad hotels people got and its not just 1 night but 5 or 6 :O Who got nice hotels?? 😉


    1. Hey Natascha! Me and my friends use it allll the time! So it definitely works. Use the tips in this article and you can find out which hotel youll get then go directly to the hotels page and read the reviews. Good luck!


  8. Thanks so much for this tutorial! It worked like a charm. I was nervous for the few seconds before the location was revealed but I ended up getting the exact hotel I wanted! Awesome job =)


  9. Thank you so much for this advice!! I just did it and it WORKED! That was fun. And now we have an awesome 5-star hotel room for under $150. You have a new fan! 🙂

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