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A few weeks ago I was a guest on The Heather Lindsey Show  discussing traveling on a budget. One of the first questions Heather asked me was what my go to site is to find cheap flights every time and without missing a beat I immediately said is my GO TO site for cheap flights. is always the first site I go to when I’m in need of a cheap flight for a last-minute trip, quick weekend getaway or a long vacay. & if you haven’t heard of it or haven’t used it yet, after this you’ll NEED to. Your pockets will thank you.

So how does work? How do I use is very user friendly. As with all cheap airline search tools and airline price comparison tools there is a to, from, departure, and return section. If you have your location turned on will automatically populate the departure section with your closest airports within a specific radius that you can make larger or smaller. This means that all of the airports selected will be included in your flight search to your destination and kiwi will let you know which airport will be cheapest to fly from. By default the “to” box on the site is filled with anywhere and Its really convenient because if you don’t know where you want to go shows you the price to popular travel destinations from your chose airports. But, if you do know where you want to travel to simply delete “anywhere” and type in your destination. You can also type in multiple destinations in the “to” section and again will also let you know which airport is cheapest to fly into from the ones you have selected. (see below)

As an example, lets say  we want to fly from Orlando to LA. and go to Disneyland! In my search I included airports in cities near Orlando like Tampa and Jacksonville to find out if it would be cheaper to fly from there and then in my arrival airport I also included other airports in Los Angeles area to find out which would be cheaper. The image from the search results shows us that flying from MCO to LAX with Frontier airlines would give us the best price.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.12.29 PM

Remember in my post on How to Get Really Cheap International and Domestic Flights I mentioned that in a side note that flexibility is really beneficial when traveling? helps with this by providing a “date range” option when selecting your travel dates. What this does is it shows you the cheapest travel dates as shown in the image above. If you look at the image you can see that the cheapest day to fly would be December 24th from Orlando International Airport to LAX. But if for some reason we couldn’t go on the 24th we still know that flying in on the 25th is the next cheapest day.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.14.27 PM

The way works is by finding us the cheapest flights in a really cool formula. They search all airlines, including budget airlines, which are usually excluded from search engines, and then they combine based on the cheapest route and give us the cheapest prices for flights. Other ITA’s combine based on code shares, which truthfully doesn’t give us the best deals. Quick example, it may be cheaper to fly to your destination with one airline and fly back with another, most sites won’t show you that, but does. Plus, 99% of the time has the cheapest flights anyway.  

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As an example I searched a 6 day flight from Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA for 7/3 to 7/9 on it was only $78 roundtrip. (pictured below) If you look at the first flight combo you can see that they combined 2 different airlines to get the cheapest flight. search function for cheapest flights


But, the very same dates on Expedia cost more. flight prices

& while I love, even they were way higher than to find cheap flights

Why I Love

Kiwi has tons of great features (including the Guarantee aka Kiwi Guarantee),  but what I like most is the radius search. You select all of the airports near you and tells you which airport is cheapest to fly from each time. You can choose based on range of dates, specific dates, or if you’re flexible you can select ‘anytime’ which literally tells you the cheapest flight for you to fly from the cheapest airport in your area.

Another reason I love Kiwi is because they have an awesome Guarantee, the Kiwi Guarantee, that is made to protect YOU from:

  • Missed connecting flights due to flight delays
  • Flight Cancellations
  • Schedule Changes

If any of the above happens has a great policy that promises to offer you an alternative flight to your destination, or a REFUND of the unused ticket(s). What’s great is they let you choose which you would like if it’s less than 2 days before departure.

But what if I get stuck?

Don’t worry, will take care of that, too. How? They provide transportation to another airport, overnight accommodations if the delay is more than 8 hours, and they also provide food, drink and refreshments for delays that are 4 hours or more. Most airlines don’t do this, so it’s impressive to see Kiwi going above and beyond.

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For more of my favorite travel resources and sites I use to find cheap flights click here to go to my travel resources page!

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51 thoughts on “Use This Website to ALWAYS Find the Cheapest Flights Every Time

  1. Whatt?? I am definitely gonna check this out I have been traveling from Atl to Philly once a month for the last year. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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  2. Wow! How incredibly useful! Do you like kiwi better than kayak? I will compare; just wondering. Meanwhile, I love how you analyzed this — but love how you’re sharing your expertise even more. Thank you!

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  3. I have a list of websites that I recommend as well. Kiwi isn’t one of them as I’ve never looked into. Now that I’ve read more about it, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot. Combining different flights to make one cheaper one makes a Lot of sense. And you say they got you covered on layovers 8hrs plus. This is good news. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Interesting, I hadn’t heard of Kiwi as an option before this post. Always glad to have another resource for finding deals. Thanks for sharing!


  5. This is an awesome site. I often search to find low cost flights for my family. Not easy traveling when plane tickets alone are more than a week in a foreign land. Lol


    1. I agree Kat! Flights can be pretty expensive but definitely helps a lot! I like Skyscanner too! I have a few other resources on my travel resources page that can also help you find cheap flights for your family! Thanks for stopping by!

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  6. I’ve not heard of Kiwi but it sounds like a winner. Flying as a family of four isn’t cheap. I’m alsways looking for the best bang for my buck.

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